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Cow and Calf

Our Story

Our goal is simply to provide our customers with the highest quality, locally sourced meat; delivered, for free, right to your door. The best part is that all proceeds are reinvested back into the community by helping to support local farming families.  

Branded Delivery founder, Jimmy, noticed that while folks were enjoying the convenience of having meat delivered to their doorstep, most of it was low-quality and overwhelmingly imported. 

Jimmy reached out to a trusted local network of community farmers in southern Maryland and Branded Delivered was born!



The face behind Branded Delivered, LLC

Owner and operator of the popular Chesapeake Farmery LLC, Jimmy provides vital delivery services for the Chesapeake Bay Area of organic, farm-fresh produce. More recently, he has expanded his efforts to include locally sourced meats through Branded Delivered.

Jimmy's passion for farm life began as a young boy working on the family tobacco farm in North Carolina. At 8 years old, he would help his family with farm duties before and after school. He grew and learned as much as he could from the "old-timers" but always felt there was a better way of growing.

When he's not farming or making deliveries, he's doing what he loves the most -- spending time with family and chasing around his grandchildren.

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